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Polk Strong is having a spaghetti dinner on

Sunday March 22




624 Congress Hill Road


Sandycreek Firehall



The funds are going to be used to help the legal fund for the lawsuit to keep Polk Center residents from being evicted from their home. The cost of spaghetti dinner is

$8 for 12 years old and up.

$5 for ages 3-11.

Free for 2 years and younger.

There will be a Chinese auction as well.

All donations are appreciated.

If you would like to donate items or for more info

please contact

Melvin Coe (814) 671-5079.

Thank you.


Click on the link above to watch the news story and share your thoughts in the comments.


Governor, I was honored to be your nominee to the Superior Court in 2016.  I have great respect for you and your administration.
But I write because of reports that you are considering action that I know from personal experience will be a grave mistake that will harm some of the most vulnerable residents of our Commonwealth.  I am talking about your possible veto of S.B. 906, the legislation that will require further study of your proposal to close two of the Commonwealth's State Centers for the Intellectually Disabled and will keep the centers open while the study takes place.  As I explained in testimony before the Senate, my sister was a resident of the White Haven Center until her death a few years ago, and I know first-hand what great work the centers do and how important they are to the residents' lives.  If you don't believe me, please visit White Haven yourself.  Closing the centers will harm the residents, and you should not want that legacy.

Please do not veto S.B. 906.

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